Believe in Abundance

braceletsHei, did you guys know that there is plenty for everyone in the world? Did you guys know there is abundance to go around for all beings? Did you know that there is enough food, money, growth, attention and most of all love to go around for all? For some limiting belief I did not know that until recently. I always thought that I am not worthy of it or there is for some but not for others. So silly right. Why did I think this way. I have no idea, but I have learned that it is not true.

Yes, isn’t that awesome news. So if you want more money or  have a dream or a business idea that you want to grow, you can do that. You just have to believe it, believe in yourself, and voila you have it.

OK, maybe it’s not that easy, but the belief  that there is enough for everyone  is a good start.

Over the years I have thought many times of businesses I could start or ideas I have, but I got stuck behind my limiting belief. My inner critic talked me out of it all the time, then sometimes my inner voice won and I made some beautiful progress and then my inner critic started talking louder and louder and won over my inner voice, it’s like a constant battle between the two. Your inner voice is what you need to listen to and not your inner critic. Your inner critic is afraid of growth and afraid of anything different and is resistant to change, it likes to stay stuck and it has limiting beliefs, it’s kind of a bitch and a hater, you know those girls that are jealous and have nothing nice to say or look you up and down with that judgy look, and you know deep down that they do that because they are hurting themselves and you actually feel bad for them. That is your inner critic, do you trust those girls and their opinions, NO WAY.

Your inner voice is a beautiful soul, who does not compete or hate, she is open and loving and encourages you and brings you starbucks and offers you her hand-me downs, braids your hair and if you don’t call her in time, doesn’t get mad. That is your inner voice. That is who you have to listen to.

BUT, the inner critic has so much more fight in her, and sometimes she wears your inner voice down and wins. Don’t let her.

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