Are You Aligned?

balance-rocks-level-ocean-beachHave you ever been angry, upset, annoyed, triggered, mad? Stupid question, yes I know. We all have been there. That means you are out of alignment with yourself!

Have you ever been calm, collected, blissful, peaceful, happy, skippy, with an overflowing cup where you can give to others? Also a stupid question. We all have been there. That means you are in alignment with yourself!

I have been in both places, at some seasons in my life I have been leaning more to one or the other side. Obviously it is always more joyful to be in alignment with yourself. But I have certainly been in a triggered state for far too long at times. Those are not very joyful or happy times in our lives, we don’t like being there and our loved ones, our family and friends don’t like us being there either.

Majority of our culture looks for outside fixers for the times when you don’t feel aligned and you feel angry, mad, sad etc. It can be in the form of shopping, eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs and it goes downhill from there, it can end in sickness and the worst in death, with many varieties in between. We see more and more of it around us.

The outside fixers are never long term, they are short temporary bandaids that eventually come off, and all the hurt is still there, all the wounds are still there, wide open looking for a new fix. But I have learned a secret, it’s actually not a secret at all and all of us know it, but it just takes work, every damn day, EVERY DAMN DAY!!! Never less!!!  For some of us it might be in the form of meditating, for some praying, running, yoga, hiking – anything to get your mind right ( and its not the fixers mentioned above, it has to be a longterm, healthy, thriving fix) Here I am not telling anyone to pray or meditate, find your own, but it has to be healthy, ya know what I mean!!!)

Getting in alignment is a daily practice – I know in this day and age it’s easy to make excuses, as we are so busy and we don’t have time, but that is just an excuse, we all know that, we have to make the time to take care of ourselves.

Even for our children it’s important, and it’s important to teach them that early on.

We are pulled in so many directions these days, there are so many influencers along our way in our day. For example for kids, they wake up, some watch TV, some may play video games first thing in the morning :(, older ones may even get on social media, then your parents tell you what to do, what to eat , to wear, then teacher and students, friends, acquaitances, everyone pulls you in their direction and if your child is not aligned with their inner guidance, they will get mad, angry, triggered etc.

Adult scenario goes the same way, and this is just normal day to day stuff, if you throw in some life, like getting sick, or getting bullied, or someone yelling at you or heartbreak or anything else like it, we are on our way to an unalignment with ourselves and who we are, and that will take us to the angry, mad, triggered state. Some people get affected by this more than others.

I personally can get affected by shit easily, I need my quiet time to align and collect my thoughts, I need that fuel to give. My life literally is dependent on being in alignment with myself.

Bottom line – find the time to listen to your gut, your inner voice, your inner guidance. In whatever form you choose, take the time, make the time with no excuses. Set boundaries, if you have to, people that love you will respect that. You don’t owe an explantation to anyone to take care of yourself, because if you don’t take care of yourself, you CANNOT take care of others.

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