Be the Warrior

be yourselfWhen we are little our world revolves around our parents. We are molded by them to grow up and live to their expectations and when we start going to school we then are molded to live up to societies expectations. Without even realizing that we are doing it.

Some of us have this rebel/warrior inside us that keeps nudging from the inside, calling our name to live for your own expectations. Actually all of us have that warrior inside, the inner guidance, the inner voice. We may not know it or not hear it, until we make a point to listen.  For years some of us live without acknowledging it. But you know it’s there by quieting your mind and starting to be aware of your life, your actions, your triggers. You will start asking yourself questions. And this is a start to being your own warrior. It’s a path to your own emotional intelligence.

Why does something not feel right? Why is it making me feel a certain way. All of us want to be at peace and happy, and for most of our lives we search for that peace in the approval of others or outside circumstances or approval of the universe, but the peace and happiness doesn’t come until we start living by our own expectations and listening our own warrior.

Try it!

It has to come from a place of love, because all of us are love, if it comes from the place of fear, anger or hate  you know it is not the warrior, so ignore that.

In the classroom , you know the feeling in your stomach, the pressure in your chest, when the teacher asks for an answer or opinion and you have one, but you don’t raise your hand, that feeling in your stomach and that pressure in your chest is telling you to raise your hand and voice your opinion. Take up that space and voice it, as long as it is from a place of love, voice it. This simple act, will align you with your warrior and you can start living by your own expectation. It maybe scary at first, but it will get easier.

With your Friends, when you are hanging out with your friends, talking and playing and discussing life or an event or people ( hopefully not) but, speak your mind, tell your loving truth, stand up and speak out. That is the only way you will find your “tribe”, your true friends. For example if country music is their fave, and you don’t like it, you don’t have to pretend that you like country, you don’t need to keep quiet and please, you also don’t need to change the music, but you can voice from a loving place that your preferred music is rap ( or whatever it is). Your friends may not agree but true friends will accept that about you and they actually will be happy to find out more about you, if they criticize and make you feel alienated, then they are not true friends.

Being the Warrior that you are – will inspire others to be their own warriors as well.

It’s a ripple effect.



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