Ego – Your Friend or Enemy

partyEgo is a big part of each one of us. In my opinion ego in healthy dose is good and our friend, but inflated ego can be certainly our enemy.

Ego is part of our make up and responds to feelings or circumstances that can harm us. Our body naturally will defend us with Ego. If we don’t pay attention, it reacts without us being aware of it, and reacts with defense. It’s like a kneejerk move that we later regret.

Hence the journey to emotional intelligence, being  aware of our emotions and our actions, our mouth etc. If we don’t control or filter how we react to things and respond to things, ego will take care of it for us.  But in a way that our emotional intelligent being would not agree with. Ego speaks out of fear, and out of  defense.

As with all human make up and emotions it’s so much easier said than done. It takes lifetime of practice and intention to control. That is why you see all ages of people, young and old, acting out of fear and ego, triggered with emotions that they can’t control. It takes daily practice and mindfullness to get it under control or at least manage it.

Example of an Ego your enemy –  you are not invited to a party that most of your friends are going to. You get angry, mad, feel left out. Maybe even start negative self talk, feeling sorry for yourself. It can spiral out of control, if you let your Ego be a part of it. Maybe you say something out of anger to your friends who were invited or gossip. Etc., etc.

It’s a simple simple example from everyday life and everyone can relate. Let’s take a look at the example of Ego your friend in the same situation.

Example of an Ego your friend – same scenario, you are not invited to a party. Your ego raised it’s head for a second. But because you are mindful and self aware, you realize not to take it personally. You realize that there are many many situations that may or may not have happened and you choose to think that this is meant for your highest good. You choose to think positively and make plans with other friends. You choose to not let it take you into a negative spiral and self – talk. You even ask the friends about the party and how it was, sincerely.

In the Ego as your friend situation – is not easy to do for most, it takes self awareness, courage, confidence and spiritual practice BUT,  just doing something like this just one time, will give you confidence, strength and self power, which in return diminishes your ego. COURAGE COMES BEFORE CONFIDENCE.

Be aware of your ego, and let it guide you to your awareness.

“Awareness and Ego cannot coexist”

Eckhart Tolle



Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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