Be the Change

handsI avoid news purposely, it clogs my brain and it is mostly all negative. I have to be very conscious of the content I let in my head, I need to to practice daily self love and positive inlet to my brain to stay within. Even the weather, I hate watching the weather and be anxious of the snow that may never land. Absolutely there is times when I do turn on the news just for a little while when something huge has happened, but just for a little bit to get the basic scoop, and I have friends and family who fill me in plenty when shit goes down. Thank you for that.

No one has escaped the later news about gun control, school safety, political drama. And the latest is the school safety which hits home to me, and to everyone I am sure, not only to parents but we all have kids in our lives, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters etc.

At the first moment you hear things like this you want to homeschool your kid, you want to hide under a rock and keep your children there with you. But then you realize that this is not possible, you realize that you need to have faith and you can not be afraid and you need to relay this to your children. You also start pondering what is wrong with this world, and then you realize it’s us, its me and you, you and me, it’s all of us. It is our culture.

I think what we all have to do, is start looking in the mirror and be the change. It sounds cliche, but really, it’s not cliche. One by one, we need to change and then the world changes. Our children don’t listen to what we tell them, they see what we do. So maybe our parents and grandparents had it right, they had children but they did not revolve or change their life around the kids, they kept living their life, and incorporated the kids into it, kids learned by watching what the adults do. Kids then will do what we do, that becomes the fabric of their childhood. Start at home, forget saving the world for now, and save yourself and life around you by being the change and the role model.

Just my two cents. None of us are perfect, but without growth we will die, and once you think that you have it all figured out, you won’t grow and then you will die. So improve, and grow and try to be the role model, be what you would like your children to be when they grow up.

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