Drama Queen or Spirit Slave

MOONDo you identify yourself with drama. Do you feel like your life is like a groundhog day. Problem after problem, issue after issue, always something. If it’s not a car that needs fixing, if it’s  not the roof that is leaking, illness or flu or some unexpected bill that drains your bank account?

You feel overwhelmed and also everyone else’s problems around you, you can identify with. This goes on and on and one day this is your life. Then you realize that  this is your identity. You identify with drama, fear and problems so much that it’s who you are. Joy feels weird to you, happiness feels awkward, peace and calm makes you feel anxious.

There is a better way to live. Without the pain and anxiety.

You see, I was that, I identified with drama and negativity.   When heard it or saw it, I clinged to it, it didn’t feel good, but it was the only way I knew. After all my birthday is on groundhog day.

For years I thought stress is the way to success. I thought that you should  feel pain to achieve happiness. But it never came. I stressed and felt the pain and identified with it but it ended me in my rock bottom moment, not happiness, and one day I realized, wait a minute, IT IS MY CHOICE. I don’t need approval from anyone, I am an adult and I am very capable of choosing MY way. HOLY SHIFT OCCURRED. Holy shift I can do this.

This is when I started being a student of health and wellness. I am consuming all my free time with material of mental health, spirituality, self help. And it has opened up a world for me that I never knew it existed. I was never taught that.

I always knew people that seemed so in alignment and at peace. That was not me. I was only happy and at peace if something externally great happened to me.  I gave my power to anyone and everything but myself.

Well let me tell you, there is another way,  and it’s available to anyone who opens up to it, and it’s free.



Photo by luizclas from Pexels


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