Father’s love

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Father – what is a father. I believe there no one answer to this. They can choose to be whatever they want. Some go all in, some walk away, some are pushed away …

While mother’s journey is very different as a parent, a father’s journey is almost a choice it seems like. In a way. They don’t grow a human inside their body for 9 months, they don’t feel the nausea, the kicks, the cravings. So to be emotionally connected to a baby before it actually makes it’s entrance to the world, it is just imagined. Some are more emotionally connected to this journey than others.

What I’d like to bring awareness to is father’s love. Father’s so often are not given enough credit. Fathers often are expected to prove themselves in ways that are not necessarily emotionally connected. They are expected to support financially and almost not be vulnerable and to show  kids toughness. I have seen this time and time again.

Father’s deserve more than just to pay the bills. Fathers have huge hearts that need to love and be loved. Many dads spend hours at work away from families, disconnected. Their masculine approach is not to show the feeling and suck it up and work harder, earn more so that their families can have more. But I know that many many dads deep down are yearning for emotional connection with their children just like moms do.

So if you have a dad in your life,  even if you don’t feel close to him, yet. Make an effort and spend alone time with him, talk about deeper stuff than sports and cars or fishing. Ask about his childhood, ask about his struggles. Open up a door for deeper connection, because I know there is a lot of love to be flowing out.

Where there is vulnerability, there will be connection.





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