Self Love 103 – Focus

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My third post about self love is focus. I think most of you can relate that to focus in today’s world of screen frenzy life is hard. When you scroll thousands of posts a day how in the world can one focus well on the priorities and things that matter.

If your mind processes and registers thousands of images/opinions a day from facebook/instagram/snapchat etc. how do you know what you want and what you should focus on. Do you bury your own insights and dreams and are you persuaded by things that other people are throwing out there, are you thinking about buying that product that someone is pushing on you 10 times a day, are you thinking about that new diet that someone is hyping about, are you thinking about attempting that pinterest project that another mom did, are you thinking about eating paleo, keto, whole 30 or some other trend. I mean media is awesome but we have to put boundaries on this shit, or we will be bat shit crazy soon.

A world full of options is a wonderful thing, but if we don’t use it wisely it can end in overwhelm, anxiety, depression or it can paralyze us in doing things because every second some new thing pops up or something else did it better. Get out of your own way and do yourself a favor and tighten this up.

This happens now even to our children, they get exposed to this type of whirlwind before they reach the age of 5 even. And when will they ever be able to focus and get to know their own desires if media pushes the latest trend on them.

Boundaries, limits, balance, focus – is the name of the game. Take the time every day when you limit the inflow of the world to your brain and spend some time in nature or in silence or anything that gets your mind and body in sync with your own thoughts. For some it can be an exhilarating mountain bike ride in nature, for some a yoga/meditation sesh, for others it can be listening to you favorite tunes while cleaning house, or writing/journaling, painting, walking your dog etc. Options are limitless. And also teach your kids to do that.

Put boundaries on what you see and hear. If something on your social media or newsfeed makes you consistently feel less than, limit it. You can fine tune the flow of information coming to you. Unsubscribe from all the companies and sources you don’t want to hear from or that clutter your inbox and increase your mind chatter negatively. The beauty of today’s world full of options is that you can. Let’s outsmart our smartphones and make it work for us instead of against us. Get your facebook, IG and snapchat feeds working FOR YOU. Get them flowing with information that you want to see, customize the images that do good for you. It’s brilliant that we can do that.


“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others” Brene Brown

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