Self Love 104 – Allowing

silhouette of bird above clouds
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Stop trying so hard and start allowing. Sounds super simple but it’s not.

I think we have been programmed from babies to try, try our hardest, try to be the best, try to reach the highest potential, try to win at everything.

I am not saying there is anything wrong to reach the full potential of your goals. But there is a difference in reaching the potential while allowing and reaching the potential and trying hard. Trying does not come naturally. Once you learn the difference and learn the art of working on your goals and allowing from your intuition – magic happens.

Yes – magic. It may sound a little out there but when you start thinking about it and start learning about it, it only will make sense to you.

When you truly want something, when you yourself have a goal that you would like to reach, not that someone else wants it for you, and not that you are doing it to impress or do it for someone else – and you work on it ALL IN, but are not attached to the outcome, and allow it – magic happens.  In reality it is difficult to do, but the first step is awareness.

It will naturally unfold and your work is rewarded. The outcome maybe even more magical than what you wanted.

This concept requires letting go of control, and me included, we all love control.

So set your goals, work on them ALL IN, and let go of the outcome, SURRENDER AND ALLOW.


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