Living from Intuition

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Do you dare?

Do you dare to live from your intuition. Are you willing to leave behind the strategy, the expectations of society, expectations from your family and loved ones?

That seems scary, doesn’t it?

It’s like learning to swim or ride a bike or learning how to walk. Just this time you are re-learning.

As a baby, as a child you lived that way. You cried when you needed something, you laughed when you were happy, you threw a tantrum when something pissed you off, you danced like no one was watching.

It’s just as an adult we have to do it a little differently. With finesse. With wisdom. Without hurting others or purposely telling people to fuck off. It takes some time to re-learn it.

It does not come overnight. It actually comes by practice and learning to know yourself. You have to reach this place inside of your own soul to reach this wisdom. It has always been there, but it might be dusty, like an old shelf in the basement or an attic that no one dusted off for a while, because we have been too busy with  following the mainstream and filling other’s needs.

You have heard of meditation, I am sure. You probably have rolled your eyes to it, like I have. But believe it or not, meditation is one way, or one of the ways to reach that part of you. There are others – yoga, being in nature, solitude, and actually a whole list of things that can be found on researching spirituality, but if you only have few minutes a day, I would start with meditation.

Your intuition has not completely been hidden even if you have gone distant from it, the moments you feel in your life that are synchronized or serendipitous, are those moments when you have acted from your true inner wisdom. And the moments when you felt your inner voice and denied it, and you regret it later, it’s the ultimate, ” damn, I should have listen to my own self”.

You can start by taking baby steps. For example when you think of a friend and you hear your subconscious mind saying I should reach out to her/him, then do, call her/him. When you are driving home from work and your inner wisdom is telling you to take a back road, take it. Little by little you are going to gain trust in your own intuition and little by little you can start making more decisions from that place, that is where happiness lies.

“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires” Rumi



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