Off – Track

Sliding along on your beautiful journey, on a sunny day.


man sitting next to the railroad tracks

You’ve done everything right to put your best foot forward that day. You got yourself in the right frame of mind, you meditated, you yoga’d, you dry brushed and oil pulled, whatever the hell you do to make sure you have your shit together before shitting on others.

Then someone else comes along and shits on you. You get off track.

It makes you think, is this a test? ……. Oh hell yeah.. it is.

Oh man, has this happened to me so many times, and has it winded me up. Sometimes not just for a that day but for days or longer. Ouch, painful to even think about it and admit.

But I love to analyze and inspect things. I used to want to know why did this other person shit on me, I wanted to know what is it about me that they don’t like. What did I say or do that made them “roar”?

Now I ask myself, what is it in me that frazzled me so much. Especially if that is not even a person who I should be concerned about.

Is it my ego, that got hurt?

Why am I so concerned?

I don’t know why, but this is a lesson of mine that I am still learning.  I certainly don’t pretend like it did not happen, because I would never just brush things off, don’t judge. I am curious, I want to inspect and dig deep. So I think, think, think and think. I now diffuse and think of them, that they may not have gotten their shit together, they may have not had their shit together for a while, were they abandoned as a child, what is their hurt? They may be hurt themselves, they might have not even thought about their delivery, they may not be very conscious of themselves. Maybe someone just shit on them?? So I diffuse, I trust that I am learning to have thicker skin and I promise to myself to not drag it out for too long.

I change my focus. I accept and love myself harder than ever, I remind myself to be kind anyway and I FORGIVE THEM BITCHES  xoxo


“The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore” Rumi





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