Baby Steps



Have you been stuck in life at times where you don’t have the motivation to do much. It often seem to happen in the winter months, and especially after the holidays.

The pressure of the the New Year’s resolution “Rha Rha” makes it even worse. Because aren’t we suppose to be chasing our New Year’s goal right about now. We probably made a goal of eating better and exercising etc. and now that makes us feel even worse. Because let’s be honest who wants to do all that in the coldest months of the year, especially if you live in the climate where January/February are the coldest weather and days are shortest. How in the hell are we suppose to motivate ourselves with this weather. When you wake up it’s dark and when you come home from work it’s dark, ok yeah, it’s the best time of the year to get the fitness goal accomplished, NO Whoever invented this idea? And why are we buying into it?

Anyway, my thoughts are that even though I don’t think it’s the best time to start training for your ultimate fitness goal, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start Baby steps. No pressure. Reverse psychology works. Start doing SOMETHING. That time you took to shop and bake for the holidays, take that time to do something. Start doing one mundane little measly thing towards something. Something that you have been thinking about. Maybe it is fitness,  maybe health, website, blog, facebook group, finding a new job, leaving your old one, starting a construction project anything that you might have been thinking about for a while. Start with the first little step. Even if you are not motivated and the idea seems too big of a task, you may feel like you can’t wrap your head around it as of yet, do it anyway. Start by one healthy meal, start by skipping the processed snack pack, start by making a phone call, start by going for a walk around your house or for a walk at lunch time since it’s the only time it’s not dark. DON’T start by signing up for a gym and never going, a lot of people do that??? No, you need to do something, paying for a membership is not reaching your goals, so start yourself and if you have formed a habit of doing something, then join. And don’t overthink, no one cares. Certainly don’t stop because you maybe nervous about what other people think. Because usually the people that will criticize you are not busy enough themselves and have too much time in the their hands to bring you down. Notice the ones that encourage you and lift you up, that is all who will matter in the end.

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