Anyone who knows me, knows I love sweets. I would always leave room for dessert. I have however tried to be more conscious of my sugar intake. There has even been times when I have tried to completely cut off “bad sugar” by only eating natural sugar as in fruits or form of stevia. I think as long as we are aware of what we are putting in our mouth most of the time, we should be OK. I am always a lover of all natural foods, real foods, while I do use protein powders and mixes sometimes, I mostly try to stick with nature made, true foods and ingredients.

This  brings me to post some of my go to recipes, when I am being “good”

COCOA SLIM SHAKE – my favorite in place of something yummy from Starbucks.

clear glass mason jar on blue saucer

1) ICE

2) MILK ( your choice of milk)

3) AVOCADO or BANANA ( this will add thickness and it is also healthy at the same time. I never knew avocado being such a great option, it does not have much flavor but it will make your shake thick and smooth)


5) STEVIA ( for sweetness as desired – OPTIONAL)


OPTIONAL TOPPING – whip full fat heavy-whipping cream, and add stevia and vanilla.

HOW TO: add all in the blender and blend. Also a little sidenote, I will gladly add whipped cream on top, as long as it is full fat and made with stevia.



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