Eggs French Style

I just love french style cooking. It seems as if everything is so delicious yet effortless, using the very few but the very best ingredients. I have a love hate relationship with eggs. Someday I love them and some days I despise them.

I have never been a big fan of an omlette, for me it is too inundated with stuff, too thick, where you can’t fully enjoy the eggs. So one day I came across a French style omlette, and I was thinking to myself, what the heck, how is that going to be different. I went on to read the ingredients and literally the only ingredients are eggs, almost, unless you want to add cheese and herbs.french omlette



3 eggs



grated cheese ( any kind you like, I love hard cheeses like parmesan or gouda)

herbs ( chives, dill etc.)

smoked salmon ( that is my favorite)

INSTRUCTIONS:  take a nonstick frying pan and turn the heat  to med/high, add 2 tablespoons of butter, olive oil or coconut oil. Crack the eggs and whip them with fork in a bowl, then once the oil is heated pour the eggs into the pan and use a wooden or plastic utensil or fork immediately to stir up the egg again, before it starts cooking. The idea is to make it extra extra smooth, and take out the bubbles but NOT to scramble it. That is why you have to stir immediately, because once it starts cooking the stirring will make the eggs scrambled and we don’t want scrambled eggs. So once you have smoothed out the bubbles leave it and let it cook, it can be a little soft on top, it makes the omlette more juicy. Right before it is done to your liking take the pan off the heat and now is the time to sprinkle the cheese on it, if you would like. The grated cheese will melt right away so you dont need to keep cooking it. Now take a spatula and either fold it over or you can make a roll-up out of it if you want to keep it fancy. Roll-up is easier to do when you use less eggs (  1 or 2 eggs)

GARNISH  – as I mentioned before I love to add smoked salmon, also I love a little arugula or berries, but you can be creative here and make It yours.

I hope you enjoy this simple breakfast, the nice thing is that it is super fast as well, since you really only need eggs, they cook up fast, you don’t need wait to sautee anything like in a regular omlette, so it’s a perfect breakfast for a work day morning. Bon Appetite or Head Isu !

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