The Search for Happiness

Aren’t we all in the search for happy, lately? But happiness does not come from things.

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Happiness doesn’t come from:





Being Nice to other’s

Pleasing someone

list goes on……

It’s a little deeper than that. And while you think acting happy on the surface and avoiding dealing with what really goes on inside, it isn’t like that. Who would have thought? I mean if we really think about it, how many times have we seen the shiniest people that we know, crumble?  Especially in the most influential of times and in the most influential of areas.

So, as we ponder why? The little boys and girls of this world are being raised to make sure that they are happy at all times, at all cost. And we see that this isn’t working.

Yearly trips to Disney ( Disney is a great place) , buying them every single toy they desire, giving in on their every request is only making them entitled. Would you agree?

I think we are missing the Yin and the Yang, the polarity. The work and the reward. Or the work, work, work, work harder, work till you are exhausted….. REWARD. I think we have forgotten that  is where happiness lies. To be able to do mundane things with passion and desire to achieve a genuine outcome. The saying how you do anything is how you do everything” holds true.

We seem to be pretty good at it when our babies are just babies, but as soon as they learn how to talk or talk back, we crumble at their beautiful eyes and we are mush to their brilliant tactics. It is hard to stay grounded and firm, because in the moment it feels better to say yes, in the moment it feels good to be validated by our “hearts walking outside of our bodies”.

Our parents most of them grew up with parents who had likely survived tremendous hardship ( war, great depression, parents or grandparents of immigrants) that was their “make-up”. They lived in a very different world than we live today. Our kids live in a very different world we lived in. And while there are amazing benefits to today’s advanced technology and fast pace, they need us for the same reasons we needed our parents. They need us for love, for structure, for teaching them hard work and reward, for teaching them accountability.

Imagine what a beautiful word would it be, where we all realized what amazing opportunities we have, right at our fingertips.

How we don’t have to go to army after high school, we don’t have to earn our keep at 12, we don’t have to raise our siblings because our parents were taken from us, we don’t have to learn a language in school because it is dictated by a dictatorship, we don’t have to hide to celebrate our religion or customs.

Maybe some of those MUSTS, made our parents and grandparents stronger than we are, but today we have the knowledge of it, the freedom, the technology and opportunities to embrace and value our ancestors and make them proud because we have the tools of today’s world. So let’s stop complaining and start living.

That is where happiness lies.



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