Running High

I never would have thought about running anywhere, especially out of my own desire and not from something that chases me, like a bear or neighborhood dog who got loose.


I used to see people running and it looked so cool, I was thinking to myself how do they do it,  it looks so professional, so pulled together. But didn’t think I would ever want to run,  why…..

Well this was years ago.  But running today has become part of my life. I don’t do it to get in shape or to compete with anyone or to look cool, although those are great bonuses.  I do it because I love the feeling. I have ran some 5K’s and I ran a half a marathon last year, but I love running on a trail or park, local roads or on my beloved treadmill even more, and it’s free.

Below are some side effects of  running.

1. ME TIME – I was craving me time, when my son was about 3, he just had started pre-school few hours a day, so after few years of not taking much time for myself I felt like it was time to do something healthy for me. I started walking at local park. I walked and listened to music. I walked for days or weeks even, and then became bored. And then tried a little jogging. Jogging some of the time turned to jogging most or all of my run. 

2. MEDITATION – what I realized soon is that running has more benefits than just being physically active. It really offered me time to allow to be with my thoughts and get a mental brake from the buzz and busy. It is free,  considered a workout so it seemed like a no brainer.

3. NATURAL HIGH – we all have heard of a term “runner’s high”. And it is a thing, I did not really buy into it or even think about it too much until I started running. But I can confirm it is definitely a thing, and it feels amazing. Endorphins are chemicals produced by our body to relieve stress and pain, and with running your body produces them naturally. They have the same effect as some opioids or drugs. Runner’s high is a great happiness booster.

4. POSSIBLE WEIGHT LOSS AND BETTER SHAPE – this is definitely a possibility. Depending on how often you do it and if you combine it with good eating habits. It actually has many health benefits, including strengthening your body, adds years to your life, even has said to reduce chances of cancer. But it has become my go to choice for self care and it is part of me.

So the main point here is that you can make something a habit or part of your routine even though at one time in your life you never thought it could be. You can adopt something to be yours and to be your very own thing, even if first it doesn’t feel like you. If you aspire to something that looks cool to you and maybe takes you aback a little, maybe it’s time to try it and see if fits you?



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