Doiu’s Chicken aka Pork Chops

This recipe has become a regular in my family and it is so delicious, yet easy. Several years ago when my son was little and everything that he agreed to eat had to be called “chicken”, my sister was visiting and made these amazing pork chops, we ended up calling them “Doiu’s chicken” to this day, but really they are the very thin pork cutlets you can buy, without a bone and no fat on it, just really thin and lean pork cutlets.

fried fish with chili pepper and mint


* package of thin pork cutlets

*olive oil

*breadcrumbs ( any kind you like, even chopped nuts if you are trying to avoid carbs)

*2 eggs and dab of milk to whip


*2-3 tablespoon of cream cheese


*soy sauce


Pat dry the pork chops with a paper towel. Start a pan on the stove to warm up and drizzle olive oil on it, let the oil heat up while you set up your dipping station. Mix eggs and milk in a bowl, and in another bowl or plate add a good amount of breadcrumbs. Start dipping the pork in the egg mixture and then in breadcrumbs and then lay in the pan. Depending on the size of you chops and pan, you do not want to crowd the pan, leave space all around each chop, it makes more tender and delicious pork chops. Usually in the pack of pork chops I buy there are at least 10 in there, so it is great for a crowd or leftovers. I fry them mostly in batches of 3, then turn,  I really don’t know the time, but they are so thin that they cook fast, just don’t burn, I love them little crispy though. Then set aside.

After all the pork is fried and set a side, you have a pan left with some tasty crumbs and leftover oil, you would think it gross, but actually this stuff is gold. Now take your cream cheese and milk and put in the pan, whisk/ stir and then add some soy sauce, a drizzle or little more is good. and have the heat on low, don’t let it boil, or the milk will curdle. Really this step can be done on very low heat or once the pan is turned off as the hot pan cooks it itself. Voila – this is the gravy for your pork chops.

You can serve all of the above with mashed potatoes, rice, even pasta or just veggies, I love spinach with it.

I really hope you will give this recipe a try and I am positive you will love it. It is a quick recipe for even a week night, and your picky kids are sure to love it, you may have to call it “chicken” though!


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