Protein Shot Shake

This is a super simple recipe and easy “to go” shake that is made with simple ingredients, tastes delicious and is 100 % guilt free.

healthy red lifestyle fruit


One of my struggles as I have been following the high protein lifestyle is to meet my protein intake. Often when you think about high protein foods, they also have other ingredients that is not beneficial to indulge in. For example nuts, avocado, and some meats have great protein and are super healthy but if you are just lacking on protein, those foods can put you in the red in fats and carbs as well. So I came up with this shake, carefully selected ingredients that can start you off at a great protein intake. Consume anytime, before or after workout or without workout, you will get 48g of protein from this bad boy.


Scoop of Protein powder – my favorite is vanilla  or graham cracker by UMP –

1 cup of Greek Yogurt Zero fat



Banana and or other fruit, for extra low cal omit the banana and just add berries or add spinach for extra nutrition.


Mix it all together in a blender. It will make a nice thick foamy delicious shake. You can use other flavors of the protein powder.


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