Quarantine Routine – ALIGN~DO~ BE

So who is quarantining right now. Ha ha, funny question, most of us are, all of the non-essentials. We all are essential,  but as much as we are happy to be home and stay safe, we are struggling staying sane.

balance blur boulder close up

It all started out great, as we were not sure what the heck was happening, but we were able to stay home with our kids, we were able to make homemade meals, bake from scratch, paint the house, walk the dog and catch up on everything that we had neglected for so long, because we were so busy and distracted before. But now we are struggling because there seems to be no point, seems as everything can wait: dishes, laundry, showers, housework – as today is the same as tomorrow and the next day. So the point I am trying to get to is that we now have to do things for the sake of doing them, without any urgency, but because it’s the life moving force, and because of own self discipline. How we do anything  is how we do everything. So it is becoming very pressing on how self reliant can you be, without no one pushing you, without anyone holding you accountable – it is all in the mind and in the self respect. Below are few tips to align your day if you are looking for ways to cope.

  1. Have a routine  – take it easy on yourself and line out something that works for you and your family. For all of us it can look a little different. It does not have to have all things you are going to do on it, but just an outline to keep yourself accountable. Do the same for your kids, give them an outline or must do’s as well.
  2. Leave yourself room or allow yourself just be, but also have a few things that keep you not feeling like shit. We all have a different radar for that, but I know many of us are so used to doing all the time that being is so extremely foreign to us and we have to allow that. Same for our kids. The way you know if it’s too much or too little of something is in the feeling. Time to start paying attention to that. If you are feeling triggered or frustrated about something, listen in to your body follow that. For example yesterday I spent 2 hours watching Tik Tok videos – it really felt right in my soul.
  3. I try to dedicate first part of the day for productive things – I start with coffee and intermittent fasting, my first meal is around 12-1 o’ clock, I try to meditate for at least 10 min., then catch up on emails and social media, bills etc. I then will clean up a little – dishes laundry, then strength training 4 times a week, listening to some motivating material or reading or learning something new or any kind of self growth. I try to think of some kind of a bigger project for the day as well, something that needs to be done, or something I have wanted to do, again it can be something little like sweeping the deck or painting a piece of furniture. If the weather allows I go for a walk, run, bike ride. After 5/6 I put the TV on and cook dinner ( it is a creative outlet for me and really relaxing, so cooking for me is a pure joy) After that I allow myself to be and chill, watch some super trashy drama reality shows, which I love, binging on something on Netflix and now my new fave Tik Tok
  4. ALIGN – DO – BE  I guess that would be my motto for times like today but also everyday  ALIGN – align yourself with your body and mind and make a conscious plan for yourself from exactly where you are today, to move forward, to thrive to give life to yourself, whatever it maybe, it is very different for each of us. DO – follow your plan that you made for the day, even if it’s hard,  even if you have to push or fake it, just know that your will have time to be in just a little bit. BE – now that you have done all your doing, you can be!





Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com




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