Meditation – Unwrapped

Meditation used to be such a complex thing for me, sounded really boring, useless and non productive activity. I tried many times and really did not find the benefits to it. Maybe I was too young, maybe I did not have enough issues. I don’t know, but I have changed my outlook on it.

woman practicing yoga

I started flirting with it few years ago, tried a few apps, where they talk you through it and tell you how to do it. Sat on my bed, then tried the floor, then a chair and then the couch, another app, youtube, you name it. None of this seemed authentic to me, it seemed like an act.

Then few months ago, I was searching for a better app because the ones I tried I did not like, and I decided F**** it, I will just sit on the floor on my blanket and set a timer and see what happens. I have kept it up and think I will keep it up. I look forward to it every morning, while sipping on my coffee. I am not sure if coffee is allowed per the experts, but it’s working for me and I love it.

It helps me align all my thoughts and get clarity on my day and life. I am sure you have been recommended to do it and try it, and I am recommending it too.

Do it your way, scratch all the myths and rules and try it.


“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.

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