Soviet Child

We sometimes forget where we came from, our life and the world we live in has changed drastically that you sometimes forget what shaped you.

girl running on brown and green field


But in times you need to remind yourself of your roots. Today I happened to scroll on Facebook, some young guys picking potatoes on the field, and it reminded me, that was me, when I was in my early teens or even younger,  that was something that as a Soviet child was mandatory for us. Not sure if they needed the help to harvest potatoes, teach us hard nock life lessons or there was shortage of labor? I am pretty sure it was teaching us real work. So for the early part of fall, instead of sitting in the classroom, we were picked up early in front of the school and bussed to the field. We brown bagged our sandwiches and a bus drive to the field we went. Some of the best memories were of course on the bus ride. Lots of socializing, gossiping, clique etique and more.

Once we got there, it was no fun and games, all work, tractors were running and us kids were behind to get the goods. We had baskets/crates to gather the potatoes. It was a full working day, and we did not enjoy it, but also as Soviet kids, we knew we couldn’t complain, or there would be repercussions.

We were able to pick partners to work with, thank God. It made the day more fun and the most fun we had was at lunch time. I remember my best friend and I, eat our sandwiches quickly, so we could dance and sing, we had these silly games that we played, we pretended to be an American singer or a Hollywood star and dance and sing, while cheering each other on. That made it so much more fun.

This story is a tiny little spec of my childhood, that I would never change for the world, it made me who I am today, but I had completely forgotten about that until I saw that video on Facebook.

I hope this story helps you to remember your childhood specs of what made you YOU.


If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.     

Tom Stoppard


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