Be Ready and Commit – Atha

Yoga is much more than a physical practice that most people see and hear. It is a lifestyle that is empowering and inspiring and I am excited to share a few things I am learning. While what we often see in mainstream is eye catching and sexy, it is a lot more than that.

Readiness and commitment – is something that we know is a must to grow. Often in life we want to rush to the finish line, we are eager to start something to only just finish it. But what readiness and commitment teaches us is that the journey is the reward. It takes self awareness and practice daily to cultivate and embody it. Practice of yoga, the act of doing it and practicing it physically as well as mentally teaches us to stay calm/collected and let things unfold. We put our attention and intention to reaching our goals, we practice daily and move forward, and watch our goals unfold. We can become impatient and we can become triggered and want to know the outcome, but Atha reminds us to trust, be ready, be committed and enjoy the journey. Some days that journey is pain, some days is exhilarating and exciting, some days it boring – but to feel these feeling through and not fight them, we learn to trust the process.

Atha is to make a decision and to fully commit to it, have patience and see it through. In today’s world we want instant gratification, or we get impatient when something does not happen how we imagined it and we get frustrated, but timing is everything and to trust in timing. When things get difficult or throw us challenges along the way, we want to throw in the towel. The key is to stay determined, stay the course and energetically universe will also support us in doing it, we just have to trust and see the signs. When one door closes the other will open. Yoga is a practice that helps us develop that lifestyle.

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