Self love 101 – Take Accountability

  Trendy topic lately? Self love - endless quotes and people talking about self love. What is self love? To me it means loving yourself unconditionally, so you can love others the same way. I have done a lot of research about it and I have also had many conversation about it with friends. I … Continue reading Self love 101 – Take Accountability

Father’s love

  Father - what is a father. I believe there no one answer to this. They can choose to be whatever they want. Some go all in, some walk away, some are pushed away ... While mother's journey is very different as a parent, a father's journey is almost a choice it seems like. In … Continue reading Father’s love

How do you start your day?

Morning routine is such an amazing thing, I would call it my blessing, I absolutely love it. Not always in my life I had the time for it or was motivated enough to make it happen for myself. Excuses, excuses got in my way. But I would like to challenge everyone to start one with … Continue reading How do you start your day?

Drama Queen or Spirit Slave

Do you identify yourself with drama. Do you feel like your life is like a groundhog day. Problem after problem, issue after issue, always something. If it's not a car that needs fixing, if it's  not the roof that is leaking, illness or flu or some unexpected bill that drains your bank account? You feel … Continue reading Drama Queen or Spirit Slave

Be the Change

I avoid news purposely, it clogs my brain and it is mostly all negative. I have to be very conscious of the content I let in my head, I need to to practice daily self love and positive inlet to my brain to stay within. Even the weather, I hate watching the weather and be … Continue reading Be the Change

Ego – Your Friend or Enemy

Ego is a big part of each one of us. In my opinion ego in healthy dose is good and our friend, but inflated ego can be certainly our enemy. Ego is part of our make up and responds to feelings or circumstances that can harm us. Our body naturally will defend us with Ego. … Continue reading Ego – Your Friend or Enemy

Be the Warrior

When we are little our world revolves around our parents. We are molded by them to grow up and live to their expectations and when we start going to school we then are molded to live up to societies expectations. Without even realizing that we are doing it. Some of us have this rebel/warrior inside … Continue reading Be the Warrior

Strive For Habit Not Perfection

Perfection does not exist. We should not strive for perfection as we would set ourselves up for failure. Perfect is subliminal and everyone's perception of it is different. Perfection can also paralyze you from getting things done, or to even get them started. As you think about all the things you need to get a … Continue reading Strive For Habit Not Perfection

Are You Aligned?

Have you ever been angry, upset, annoyed, triggered, mad? Stupid question, yes I know. We all have been there. That means you are out of alignment with yourself! Have you ever been calm, collected, blissful, peaceful, happy, skippy, with an overflowing cup where you can give to others? Also a stupid question. We all have … Continue reading Are You Aligned?

Believe in Abundance

Hei, did you guys know that there is plenty for everyone in the world? Did you guys know there is abundance to go around for all beings? Did you know that there is enough food, money, growth, attention and most of all love to go around for all? For some limiting belief I did not … Continue reading Believe in Abundance