by the poolHello and I am so glad you are here to discuss and discover life with me.

Welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing my view of life with you. We all have our own way and here is mine, my goal is to write the most authentic, transparent and truthful way I can about the subjects that interest me and have touched my heart and soul.

My Background.

I was born and raised in  Estonia, small Eastern European country and I lived most of my adult life here in the US. I am the oldest of 3, I have a younger sister and brother.

First 13 years of my life Estonia was under the Soviet Union occupation, in 1991 Estonia issued A Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union and Estonia was recognized throughout the world as the Republic of Estonia. I will make a point to share some of my stories in this blog about growing up in the communist environment and my experiences, how it has shaped me and how it has made me who I am today.

I traveled my way to US after finishing high school to see this big beautiful land of opportunity United States of America. I came here on my own for one year program as an au-pair, lived with an American family who wanted to teach their children another culture. It was the thing to do back then in newly freed country, to leave and explore, to see the world, to learn another culture, language. Estonia is very small so it is only natural to want to experience and visit other countries. Many of my high school friends went to live abroad, Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, but  I decided to see the biggest bad ass of them all USA, it seemed very surreal at the time and also very very exciting. America is the country that you only hear and see about while growing up, where life is so colorful and big, where opportunities are at your fingertips, where there is free speech and everyone is free to be who they are, where you see movie actors and shiny cars and things, so many many things, where there is no shortage of anything.  I came and I stayed, one thing lead to another, and I am here 20 years later still.


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