Anyone who knows me, knows I love sweets. I would always leave room for dessert. I have however tried to be more conscious of my sugar intake. There has even been times when I have tried to completely cut off "bad sugar" by only eating natural sugar as in fruits or form of stevia. I … Continue reading COCOA SLIM SHAKE

When Shit Hits the Fan…

  All of us at certain point in our life feel like there has to be something more. We are like hamsters on the wheel for years, first it is exciting, then it becomes mundane, then the mundane becomes blah, the blah becomes shitty. That is, if you don't do something about it. By the … Continue reading When Shit Hits the Fan…

Working Out From Your Gut

This world is filled with workout, health coach, diet fad options. So much so that your head can spin. Honestly just stop it. Stop the spinning and meditate or if that is too koo koo for you, ask yourself, what do you want to do? Besides sitting on the couch or on facebook of course. … Continue reading Working Out From Your Gut

Change NOT

So I have been shouting from the rooftops lately that I am going through a change. That is not true. I am not going through a change, I am returning to what I always was. You see, we are born to this world with no attachments, with no conditions of the world, with no opinions … Continue reading Change NOT

Baby Steps

  Have you been stuck in life at times where you don't have the motivation to do much. It often seem to happen in the winter months, and especially after the holidays. The pressure of the the New Year's resolution "Rha Rha" makes it even worse. Because aren't we suppose to be chasing our New … Continue reading Baby Steps

Un-entitled Christmas

So in my introduction I promised to write few things about my upbringing and my life as a child in former Soviet Union. I realize that we all have different upbringing. Especially here in the US. Which is so wonderful because everyone here is different and same. There are so many nationalities here and stories … Continue reading Un-entitled Christmas

Off – Track

Sliding along on your beautiful journey, on a sunny day.   You've done everything right to put your best foot forward that day. You got yourself in the right frame of mind, you meditated, you yoga'd, you dry brushed and oil pulled, whatever the hell you do to make sure you have your shit together … Continue reading Off – Track

Living from Intuition

  Do you dare? Do you dare to live from your intuition. Are you willing to leave behind the strategy, the expectations of society, expectations from your family and loved ones? That seems scary, doesn't it? It's like learning to swim or ride a bike or learning how to walk. Just this time you are … Continue reading Living from Intuition


Validation is something all of us are seeking. It is our lifeline. Belonging, being accepted, being validated - by our parents, by our friends, by our partners and by outside world. We seek this now more than ever, our value lies in the LIKES, HEARTS, THUMBS UPS AND COMMENTS on social media. But what about … Continue reading Validation

Self Love 104 – Allowing

Stop trying so hard and start allowing. Sounds super simple but it's not. I think we have been programmed from babies to try, try our hardest, try to be the best, try to reach the highest potential, try to win at everything. I am not saying there is anything wrong to reach the full potential … Continue reading Self Love 104 – Allowing