Soviet Child

We sometimes forget where we came from, our life and the world we live in has changed drastically that you sometimes forget what shaped you.   But in times you need to remind yourself of your roots. Today I happened to scroll on Facebook, some young guys picking potatoes on the field, and it reminded … Continue reading Soviet Child

Father’s love

  Father - what is a father. I believe there no one answer to this. They can choose to be whatever they want. Some go all in, some walk away, some are pushed away ... While mother's journey is very different as a parent, a father's journey is almost a choice it seems like. In … Continue reading Father’s love

Be the Change

I avoid news purposely, it clogs my brain and it is mostly all negative. I have to be very conscious of the content I let in my head, I need to to practice daily self love and positive inlet to my brain to stay within. Even the weather, I hate watching the weather and be … Continue reading Be the Change

Ego – Your Friend or Enemy

Ego is a big part of each one of us. In my opinion ego in healthy dose is good and our friend, but inflated ego can be certainly our enemy. Ego is part of our make up and responds to feelings or circumstances that can harm us. Our body naturally will defend us with Ego. … Continue reading Ego – Your Friend or Enemy

Chat #1 with Branndolynne

I absolutely love hearing people's stories. We all are the same but we all have different stories and that is what makes the world go around. As mentioned in my intro that I will be interviewing people in this blog to share our wisdom, learn from each other and create connection with each other. My … Continue reading Chat #1 with Branndolynne

Primal Life

I grew up In Estonia until I was 18. For first 13 years this was spent under the Soviet Union until Estonia was freed. Life then changed, slowly but surely and now Estonia has surpassed economy of many Western countries, is part of EU and as my grandmother Astrid writes to me in every handwritten … Continue reading Primal Life