Soviet Child

We sometimes forget where we came from, our life and the world we live in has changed drastically that you sometimes forget what shaped you.   But in times you need to remind yourself of your roots. Today I happened to scroll on Facebook, some young guys picking potatoes on the field, and it reminded … Continue reading Soviet Child

Boundaries aka NO

BOUNDARIES -  Few years ago I had no idea what that meant. And when I finally found out what that word means and what it can do to your life and happiness it's a complete puzzle piece to freeing your soul and becoming happy. I grew up in a NO environment.  I am from Estonia, … Continue reading Boundaries aka NO

Primal Life

I grew up In Estonia until I was 18. For first 13 years this was spent under the Soviet Union until Estonia was freed. Life then changed, slowly but surely and now Estonia has surpassed economy of many Western countries, is part of EU and as my grandmother Astrid writes to me in every handwritten … Continue reading Primal Life